BrushNaked Winners!

Good morning!

Our winners have been chosen.

First up is our adult brush and kids brush combo.

Drum roll please!

Congrats to Cassandra! Thank you for your participation!

Next up we have a lovely travel tube and a charcoal bristle brush to put in it.


Congrats to Joel! Thank you for your participation as well!

An extra special thank you for all the people who participated and shared your thoughts as well. We have more givaways coming up so stay tuned!

In the mean time,

Bark at you later!

– K


Brush Naked + Give Away!

Good morning!

You may have noticed we took a couple weeks off. This was due to some construction going on at the actual House of Fur. Now that we are in our regular mode of chaos instead of extra chaos, we are back at it!

If you are just joining us, we have been talking about small ways to become more eco friendly in the kitchen. We aren’t done in there yet, but we are going to take a short break and mosey on over to the bathroom for a bit.

I think the bathroom might be the room that holds the most plastic in my home. I didn’t realize it until I sat down and took a close look. When I did though, I could have cried.

Plastic freaking everywhere.

Non-reusable items freaking everywhere.

Garbage freaking everywhere.

I was determined though. So in classic chaotic fashion we started somewhere in the middle.

My toothbrush.

Necessary for dental hygiene, your toothbrush should be replaced every three months or after being sick.

That means I go through an estimated 4-6 brushes a year.

More plastic in the landfill. This simply will not do.

After some careful searching, I found a solution and it is my honest pleasure to introduce you to our new friend….

Brush Naked is a Canadian based company that makes some really positive and fantastic products.

The ones we are going to focus on today are toothbrushes!

They offer two different kinds of basic toothbrush, we’ve tried them both, and I’m so pleased to tell you what makes these so special.

First we will start with packaging.

From the picture above you can see they come in a box, wrapped in plastic.

Get ready for a plot twist my friends because thats not just any old plastic!

The plastic around your new toothbrush is actually plantbased and can be composted as can the box! In fact, Brush Naked takes extra care and does a great job using ecofriendly, local packaging products.

There are two different kinda of basic toothbrush.

1) 100% biodegradable. Not only is the bamboo compostable but the bristles are too. With many bamboo brushes you need to remove the bristles before composting. Thats not the case here. The bristles are plant based made from tapioca and corn. They last about 2-4 weeks. (We’re coming back to this so keep it in mind).

In all honesty I loved this one. It took a bit to get use to as its lighter then a plastic toothbrush but the bristles were a bit stiffer. After adjusting my brushing weight I found this toothbrush did an excellent job cleaning my teeth and I felt good using it.

2) Semi-biodegradable. This toothbrush is very similar to the one above. The only difference is in the bristles. Instead of being plant based, they are made from nylon. They are a bit softer, like a regular toothbrush, and last about 3 months or so. When finished with this brush the bristles must be removed before composting.

This one felt more like a regular toothbrush as far as softness went. The handle was still a bit lighter but otherwise I couldn’t tell the difference until it came time to throw it out.

On top of these two products you can also find some fun stuff like brushes with activated charcoal bristles, toothpastes, and powders.

Remember how I said the first brush lasted 2-4 weeks? Thats got to be a hastle trying to stay on top of ordering every 2 weeks…….

They seem to have thought that too. Which is why they offer a subscription!

If you sign up for the subscription they give you a bit of a discount so for the low price of around five dollars (around the same price of a regular brush) YOU NEVER HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN.

I repeat:

Sign up for the less-than-netflix costing subscription, and like an eco-toothfairy, Brush Naked will automatically send your brushes to your door.

No more excuse to keep using the same toothbrush for 7 months.

Healthy mouths, happy planet.

They offer different size packages to suit your needs. Get one for you, for grandma, baby, and the dog!

Sound good?


Need some help dipping that first toe in?

I got you.

Brush Naked has been kind enough to send enough product for not one, but TWO give aways!

So let me show you whats goin on!

First up is an adult nylon brush + a kids nylon brush (can also be used for other people, emergency work toothbrush, dog, cat, your choice).

The second give away is a luxurious charcoal bristled toothbrush and attractive travel case (made from bamboo as well)!

How to enter:

1) Share this post: Spread the word! The more people hopping on this eco bandwagon the better off our planet will be.

2) Comment: Please come from wherever you are reading to House of Fur Blog Page (, find this post, and tell me your favourite tip to be eco friendly.

Winners will be chosen by Lunchbox on December 1st, announced on the second, and shipped off shortly after!

Before you do that though, one more thing!

I recently learned Brush Naked has started crowd funding to produce Bamboo Straws!!!

We’ve already got ours. So Im going to show you how get yours too!

Just hop over here and check out Sip Naked to see all the wonderful packages available for your support.





Bark at you later!


From Sheets To Shopping Bags

Good morning!

Today we’re gonna explore a tiny part of the world of sewing.

I decided to make my own bags after being charged for plastic ones that broke before I could even make it to my car. I could have gone out and bought some, and theres nothing wrong with that idea, but I kept more fabric out of the landfill by making them from old clothes and sheets.

It was also free.

Now…. if you sew, I apologize in advance. This tutorial was created before the recommended dose of coffee. Consider it an early halloween present!

You will need:

  1. Either a sewing machine or needle and thread
  2. Fabric of some flavour (sheets, clothes, that fabric you bought for a special project 10 years ago and never did. Whatever.)
  3. Chalk


Lay your fabric out and fold in half hamberger style.

With the fold at the bottom, cut out the corners.

Please note the fold is on the left side of this picture. When you are done drawing, cut the shape out.

Im gonna pause and appogize again for the quality of this tutorial. On a day with more coffee I will re do it.


Sew along the sides.

Now were going to open the fold at the bottom and squish the corners together.

Sew both sides closed..

You can now fill the bag.

If you wanted to line the bags you would need two of these.

For straps you could use fabric, old bag straps, some ribbon maybe?

With more coffee and a little practice, your bags should look similar to this:

Clear as mud?

….. yeah I thought so…

My skills in sewing can be summed up with fast and loose sometimes… I mean it’s functional but… yeah..

I found some other tutorials on bag making for you that will probably explain things a lot better! has a great list of bags. Some fancier, some the same, some with different purposes!

I promise the next time I do a sewing tutorial I will enlist the help of a seamstress!

Happy bag making and Bark at you later!


Identifying The Problem; Sweet Sweet Compost

Good morning!

Today we are going to start our jouney on reducing plastic and waste. Don’t get me wrong, I do think plastic has a place. It just doesnt need to be around my sandwhich or in my drink.

This all started one day as we were grocery shopping. I had three plastic bags on one arm and a baby on the other. Just as I was about to cross into the parking lot one of the bags split open, dropping my groceries on the side walk.

The bags I paid for (not a huge amount, but it all adds up over time) could not even make it to my car. Honestly, im not sure its even worth producing a product like that.

With that experience in mind, I made the commitment to not using plastic bags and the rest spiralled from that.

To start, I found the two areas in my home where we use the most plastic. The kitchen and the bathroom.

Lets start in the kitchen, shall we?

Personally, when im cleaning or organizing, I like to use the pile and sort method. So when I started in our kitchen that’s exactly what I did.

It’s important to note that not all cities and areas handle waste and recycling the same way. How I did things might not work for everyone. You can always ask for information about your area and go from there.

First thing I did was contact our city to get some blue bins.

Photo from

Blue bins are used for recycling plastics, cans, paper, cardboard and maybe a few other things.

What I didn’t know about recycling this way is there are a lot of things that can cause problems.

Take a box for example. I have a pizza box and a diaper box. Though both are cardboard, only the diaper box is able to be recycled in our blue bin. The grease and possible cheese on the pizza box would contaminate the batch of recycled cardboard and therefore is ineligible. An article about that for you to read.

So what now?

What do you do with all the contaminated cardboard…. its not like a bottle or can you can wash….

The answer is compost!

Photo from

Some cities have a compost program similar to garbage and recycling. This is the case for us.

The city gave us a list of things they will accept and bins. We have a small bin for easy access in the kitchen, when its full we empty it into the big bin, when thats full we put it out with the garbage and the city collects it.

Simple, beautiful.

Now, if your city or area does not have a program like this, DO NOT PANIC. I got you.

Setting up a compost bin in your yard is simple and easy. For instructions on how to do this, I’m actually going to direct your attention to another blog.

The author is a wonderful gardener and does a great post on composting that breaks it down to a simple strategy. Using this example you can make a compost bin any size: Composting

Not everyone has the option of having a large (or any size) yard. I get that. Apartment dwellers rejoice however, because I have a way for you to get in on this action too!

Dont look at me like im crazy.

I know what your thinking. How are you supposed to set up a composting system on a concrete patio? Let me introduce you to Vermicoposting.

Vermicomposting does not have to take up a lot of space. This summer I took a trip back to the family farm. I walked past a medium size flower pot by the front door for about two days before I asked my grandmother why the only thing planted in it was a container with a lid.

She explained to me that the flower pot (that had marvelous dirt in it) was home to worms. The container, which im assuming had the bottom cut out or large holes in it, was where she fed them. Just open the top and pop in some scraps. Any smell was contained once the lid was popped back on.


What do you do with the resulting fertilizer? Feed your plants, feed a friends plants, put an add online and feed a strangers plants!

Like Christmas in July.

I do appologize for the long post but there was a ton to cover in this one.

By doing these two steps alone, our house of 3.5 humans, two dogs, and two cats reduced our waste by TWO THIRDS!

Worth it if you ask me!

Next week we are going to dig a little deeper and talk about plastic bags and how you can make your own from old clothes!

Bark at you later!


The Great Return

Good morning and welcome back!

When I checked my calendar this morning I was both excited and a little bit shocked. It seems like just yesterday we welcomed our newest member of the house into the world but here we are! After a year long break we are finally back.

Lunchbox and Brisket – House of Fur

Today I’m going to share with you some of the exciting things we have planned.

Over the last year I had time to take a look at how we run our house and made some changes.

No doubt you’ve seen many articles about reducing plastic and similar items. Over probably the next month I’m going to share with you the various ways we reduced our plastic and overall garbage to help create a better world for us and our pets.

Over the summer we went to our local zoo and saw some very photogenic penguins!

We’ve worked with a couple different companies to make that change possible and as a bonus we were gifted some products to share with you! We will be doing a couple of draws very soon!

House of Fur photo

We have stories, recipes, products, and crafts big and small!

I look forward to sharing them all with you but for now…

Bark at you later!

– K

Surprise! We’re still here!

Hi guys!

I know. I know. Where have I been?!

It’s been 9 months since our last post. Please forgive me. Just after I last posted we welcomed our newest member to our House of Fur.

It’s been an adventure so far and I’m looking forward to sharing all the neat things we’ve done since then as soon as we are officially back at it.

In the mean time we are very slowly adding new vendors and services to our Friends of Lunchbox page. Feel free to check those out and I will bark at you soon!


K, Voodoo, Smokie, Brisket, Lunchbox, and Eric

House of Fur – Mysteries Deshedded

Welcome to House of Fur – Mysteries Deshedded.

It was a beautiful spring day, seemingly like any other.

A pet owner is working hard, planting tomatoes in a green house box in the back corner of the yard, with the hopes of a bountiful harvest.

With dreams of salsas, sauces, and a few fried green tomatoes encouraging her, she tends to her tiny garden for the next couple months. Watering, pruning, and weeding. All of course with love.

Little did she know….

Someone else was watching her tomatoes…

With a malicious intention….


You value comfort and warmth.

So does your dog.

Check out Maple Leash for their selection of stylish winter aparral for all sizes!

Maple Leash.





Welcome back to House of Fur – Mysteries Deshedded.

As the weeks disappeared the promise of fresh tomatoes grew strong. By the end of August the plants were so tall the box could not be closed. Many green cherry and beefsteak tomatoes littered the plants, bound to be ripe any day…..

But the day never came.

As August bled into September, blankets were draped over the plants when frost threatened.

Just a couple more days. A couple more days to grow, perhaps ripen a few…..

It would not be a large harvest. For seemingly no reason, there were not as many tomatoes as originally thought and she had yet to see a red tomato. Though this was odd, any suspicions were set aside for the pending harvest.

Little did she know….

Later that day….

Her suspicions would be confirmed…



Run wild. Run free.

Four legs, three legs, two legs.

Come as you are.

Come to the place packs come to howl.
Visit your local offleash dog park today.

*This message was brought to you by the Brisket For Office party. For the puppies. For the cookies. The future is delicious.*

Welcome back.

It was the day before harvest and emotions were running high. You could have cut the anticipation with a knife.

It happened in a split second. Our victim sat helplessly on the deck as our suspect came around the corner.

The shock just about killed her.

He appeared from the (lack of) mist, with the brightest red tomato carefully grasped between his lips and in a moment of brutality, proceeded to eat the tiny, ripe, tomato.

He devoured it right in front of her, staining his white fur red with delicious tomato murder.

Our tomato thief was none other than Lunchbox. He waited patiently through the summer, watching….

When the tomatoes were ripe he would sneak off in the morning, when no one was watching, and harvest his prize before anyone knew it existed.

What happened to the remaining harvest?

What awaits our tomato thief, caught red mouthed?

Tune in next week to House of Fur – S.G.U (Special Garden Unit) to find out.

Until then….

I’ve been your host, K.

Bark at you later.